How To Wrap Hands For Boxing


Safe play, Safest flying of punches while keeping you super safe, and that is all made possible thanks to the hand wraps that you can effectively use every time in the boxing ring, be it punching the bag or the real contender.

It is totally unsafe. Just do not enter the ring without wearing the hand wraps regardless of your skill level.

Even if it is your initial days of boxing, you should be careful enough to employ all the security guidelines to stay safe in the ring, and in front of the bag training.

If anyone says you never need a hand wrap, do not listen to him at all. You cannot predict when you may find the need for hand wraps as nothing is fixed upon the boxing arena.

How To Wrap Hands For Boxing

And if you feel surprised how to wrap hands for boxing, let us deal with that part for you with all the possible and easier methods which can allow you to wrap both hands all by yourself.

Be ready to face the bag or contender by wearing the hand wraps, and fight safe, stay super safe!

Types of Hand Wraps Used in Boxing

Before realizing how to wrap hands for boxing, we first need to know what types of hand wraps are available in the market.

We will only be covering the specific hand wrap types for boxing so that other types for the different sports do not mingle along triggering confusion.

For the quick overview, we got the following hand wrap types that commonly use in boxing:

1. Cotton wraps
2. Elastic wraps
3. Inner gloves
4. Fast wraps
5. Tape/gauze wraps

1- Cotton Wraps

This first need the proper practice of wearing cotton wraps.

Commonly used around the world, the cotton wraps come in different lengths to make sure you wrap more layers around the fist or the back of fingers which you seem vulnerable and prone to getting injured.

Totally an inexpensive solution to bring yourself good protection, wrapping the cotton around the hand seems quick if you know how the wrapping goes.

How to Wear Cotton Wraps Around Hands

It is easy if you know what the technique is. The longer the length, the better it fits on your hand covering the most vulnerable part providing with good support.

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Repeat the wrapping process, and you would find your best one that does not go as tight as well as increasing the power of punches by wearing the traditional boxing glove.

2- Elastic Wraps

Elastic wraps are immensely tight and feel like piercing through the skin, but the real delight is you would not feel it after a while, as well as it gives more power to your hands to waive the impacting punches.

Its stretching capacity requires lesser layers to wrap around the hand while maximizing the support to the given area.

How to Wear Elastic Wraps

Undoubtedly, the elastic wraps demand lesser volume, hence it merely requires two layers to wrap the area you need more support.

And the elastic wraps feel super light and comfortable, but yes, the first-timers would eventually perceive it odd due to its tight nature but in the end, you will get used to it.

Just pick one end, pierce it through the thumb area, and wrap around by stretching a bit while winding up the entire hand. Wherever needed, just wrap two layers if you find one layer would not be that supportive.

3- Inner Gloves

The fingerless gloves, and look just like traditional-looking gloves present in the market.

For something quick, they are the good option to stick with but if you have been specifically looking to add some sort of protection, they ain’t any good for that.

Just a benefit of using the inner gloves, they look like gloves and require no proper know-how to use them.

How to Wear Inner Gloves

● Aim for your fingers
● Slide upward
● See your fingers going through
● Now, tighten it up a bit, and you are done

4- Fast Wraps

Newer in the tow, ‘fast wraps’ are the real fast solution to wear upon the hands.

Chosen by the pro boxers combo due to its efficiency and productivity, this requires less time to wear as well as provides good support to your hand through its padded layers of protection around the knuckle and fist to absorb the impact.

How to Wear Fast Wraps

● Pull the hand through the traditional boxing glove-looking fast wraps
● Once fitted well on the hand, wrap the attached strings by stretching a bit, and you are done

5- Tape/gauze wraps

They are a bit complex to wear all by yourself, so you better be using them before the actual fight and acquire help from your coach to help to wear them.

Not an ideal type of wraps you may use out of the competition because that is time-consuming always wanting the external help to wear.

The good part of using the tape/gauze wraps they offer good support and a piece of comfort so that you can easily wrap the increased amount of layers wherever needed.

How to Wear Tape and Gauze Wraps

Round, round, and round! That is easy but super time-consuming. And not anyone can wear it this easily. Just wrap the edge of the tape and start wrapping it around the hand. Just apply a bit more amount on the area you need greater support around.

How to Wrap Hands Boxing

Just a quick overview of how the common hand wraps go along the hand to ease down the boxing.

Mind it, this process specifically applies to the common wrap types and not the inner gloves/fast wraps.

● Wrap it up around the hand by looping it through the thumb
● Go three times on the wrist
● Wrap three times as well around the hand
● Go three x’s from the fingers
● Now wrap through the thumb, and lock the thumb now
● Three times again on the knuckles
● And take it right to the wrist for extra wrapping to call it done!


Stressing enough, we cannot recommend wearing the boxing gloves on bare hands especially when you are the new entrant into the boxing area.

Be it punching the bag, or sparring the real contender; the hand wraps would always be a beneficial tool for you.

Given the fact, we covered almost all the basics of the hand wrap types along with the dedicated method to wear the specific hand wrap type per se.

So, never ask anyone how to wrap hands for boxing, and do it just like a professional!

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