How to Clean Boxing Gloves?


Some ways can Bad odor! And what more you can think of when the boxing glove turns filthy. Yikes! How to clean boxing gloves? If that is what you are looking for, then you have landed on the right spot.
We cannot say a ‘clean glove’ after wet wiping because that is nonsense and cannot be labeled as the proper way of ‘cleaning the glove.’

This takes a whole lot of process, countless tasks to go through the quick to deep cleaning of the boxing gloves.

How to Clean Boxing Gloves?

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

Well, that is not rocket science to get a whole lot of process unveiling how to clean boxing gloves on your own.

Since it does not go into the dry cleaning shop like ordinary clothes, and you cannot insert it into the washing machine as it may tear it if not on the first go, then on the second or third.

Properly cleaning it ensures the boxing glove would last a longer operational life, and the proper cleanup is definitely required right after the match.

Whatever is the reason, we must be known for all the cleanup procedures to protect the longevity of your boxing glove.

What are they? We will tell you all in good detail but for the moment, let’s grab a hold of the quick overview of the cleanup procedure.

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But hey! Just wait up for a second!

Let’s find the cause of the main culprit; why do the gloves stink?

Why Do the Gloves Actually Stink?

The first cause is the stinking smell. Worst odor and we want to unveil the main culprit as to what causes the glove to start smelling and stink to the worst degree.

The worst stench that comes from the glove is actually the worst form of odor that is caused due to bacteria breeding just because of the excess sweating absorbing all around the glove.

And the stench reaches the worst degree when the glove dries up completely feeling like it would not go away at all.

First off, you should not have your frequently-used pair of gloves to such a state where it starts emitting the worst stench. Secondly, there are some ways that can actually help to downsize the volume of sweat absorption, but they would not entirely stop the glove from soaking the sweat at all.

So, never fall into prey from the folks who make the false promises their provided stuff would help not to generate the sweat or your boxing glove would not catch the sweat up.

What Helps to Prevent Bacteria Breeding and Downsize the Extensive Sweat Buildup?

You should have the proper knowledge of how to deal with the bacteria building triggering the worst and unbearable odor.

And there we have some common and easy-to-follow processes for preventive care.

Complete dry: Okay, that is the natural remedy to get rid of the moisture and bacteria.

After use, just put it under direct sunlight (if it is available) because drying up especially in the heat helps to kill the bacteria as it would evaporate all the moisture itself.

If the sunlight is not present, try doing the following;

● Hang the boxing gloves through the ventilated spot.
● Get them around the room and put them under the fan if you cannot hang them out in the backyard or anywhere due to the weather condition.

Wipe it up!: Of course, you just cannot leave the boxing gloves to go without properly wiping the inner and outer part to remove the visible presence of moisture to a greater extent.

This eventually helps to minimize the moisture level (not completely) that ceases the bacteria from finding the source of moisture to grow.

Avoid stuffing in the bag: Do not place the boxing glove right after the use as it would extend the soaking period and hence, it would not dry up completely.

If the gloves do not go into the bag then, place them in the plastic bag, get to home, and then air-dry the gloves by removing them outta the plastic bag.

Go with hand wraps: This protective layer could be the main source of soaking up the sweat to a greater extent.

It not only protects your hand from twisting and pinching as well as it does help to eradicate the moisture build-up.

But using the hand wraps constantly, you would then need to clean up the hand wraps right after the use, or else it would produce an immense quantity of the worst form of bacteria.

Sprinkle the sanitizer: Time’s worst. You cannot expect anything to happen anytime. And the use of hand sanitizer is always a sign of protection.

When using the boxing gloves, removing them, and wearing them; just sprinkle the sanitizer for the added protection.

Process of Best Cleaning the Boxing Gloves in Easier Way

Apply baking soda: The quickest and oldest trick is to use the baking soda for fast odor killing.

● Just take a bit of baking soda and sprinkle around both gloves.
● Wait for a few hours
● Now, remove the presence of baking soda by gently shaking it and sniff. Now, you would not feel any bad smell at all.

Go with cider vinegar: Get the cleanest look and remove the smell of the glove using cider vinegar.

● Sprinkle a tablespoon of cider vinegar over the towel and rub it from the inside.
● Now, place it in the ventilated spot for overnight dry-up.
● And find the glove stinking no more in the morning.

Spray the anti-bacterial liquid: Get a good and effective anti-bacterial spray to zap up the germs and bacteria as well as removing the worst stink.

● Spray up the anti-bacterial liquid all around the glove.
● Leave it into the ventilated space to dry up, and experience the odor-free glove after a few hours.

Saltwater: If you are privileged enough by living in the beach city, you are lucky.

● Get the saltwater and fill the empty water container.
● Now, dig it into the solution and leave them submerged overnight.
● Air-dry it the next morning, and you are good to go!


The moisture-rich boxing gloves could easily tear up, and wearing the neon-soaked gloves could be hazardous to health.

So, we come up with the whole lotta process revealing how to clean boxing gloves effectively and sustaining their operational lifetime.

Let’s ask none and do it all by yourself by simply following our detailed process.

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