How To Choose Boxing Gloves For Beginners – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


If you are interested in Boxing and looking to buy some boxing gloves, the most important thing is to choose the right type of Boxing Gloves. It is very important to know what the right type of glove is.

An appropriate and right type of boxing glove is one that protects you from injuries by giving your wrist firm support in a stable way. It not only decreases the risk of damage but also enhances the enjoyment of the sport. Knuckle protection is equally important for both experienced boxers and beginners.

Boxing gloves should be of high quality and durability.

Today, we can find a variety of brands and models of boxing gloves that really makes it a difficult task for us to choose the best option.

Before we decide to choose the best option, there are certain points we must keep in our minds.

  • The level of the player i.e. beginner, experienced
  • The type of boxing you want to play i.e. Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai boxing, sparring, etc.
  • Your body

(It determines the size and weight of the glove).

  • The material of boxing gloves. 5- The price of boxing gloves

The most complicated process is to choose the correct size and weight of the gloves.

These are the two very important tasks that need to be dealt with while choosing boxing gloves.

Sizes of the Boxing Gloves:

Gloves should firmly fit in your hands without leaving any space between glove and hand, to achieve the best wrist and knuckle support and protection. Moreover, if there is any free space, it will give you a sloppy feeling and you will end up doing a wrong punch. Like other areas of clothing, we can’t find the typical S, M, L, and XL sizes in the category of boxing gloves. Each and every size of the boxing glove has its own category depending upon “the making of the body” and “the type of athlete”.

Hand circumference:

Apart from body weight, hand circumference is another very important factor in determining the correct size of the glove. Hand circumference is a standard metric used for glove sizing.

How to measure Hand circumference:

Hand circumference is measured around the palm of your hand i.e. the point your pinkie finger meets the palm to the point where your index finger meets the palm just below your knuckles.

Below is a chart that shows glove sizes according to the hand circumference.

11cm to 12.50cm 4 oz.
12.50cm to 14cm 6 oz.
14 cm to 16.50 cm 8 oz.
16.50 cm to 19 cm 10 oz.
19 cm to 21.50 cm 12 oz.
21.50 cm to 24 cm 14 oz.
24 cm to 26.50 cm 16 oz.

Weight of the Boxing gloves:

The weight of the gloves is determined by the padding inside them.

The more padding inside, the heavier the gloves will be. The heavy gloves give more protection to hands but at the same time slow down the punches.

The smaller hands you have, the lighter gloves you need.

Below is a small chart explaining how to choose the weight of the gloves according to the bodyweight of the boxer.


Bodyweight of the


Glove size used for: (Bag work) Glove size used for: (Sparring) Use by:
Up to 45


6 oz. 12 to 14 oz. Young athletes

5-7 years old

UP to 50kg 8 oz. 12 to 16 oz. Commonly used by



UP TO 51 – 65


8 oz. to 10 oz. 16 oz. Starter size for men
Up to 63

to 76 kg

12 oz. 16 oz. Best for


Up to 74

kg to 90


12 oz. 16 oz. Used By: professionals
Over 88 kg 12 oz. 16 oz. to 18 oz. Used by heavy weight experienced



Young athletes or kids ranging from 5-7 years whose body weight is up to 45 kg can use 6 oz. gloves for bag work and 12 to 14 oz. gloves for sparring.

Up to 50 kg body weight, 6 oz. gloves are ideal for bag work and 14 to 16 oz. gloves for sparring.

6 oz. gloves are slim gloves mostly used by children or women.

8 to 10 oz. gloves are starter size gloves for men, suitable for body weight 51 to 65 kg.

From 65 kg onward, 12 oz. gloves are used for bag work and 16 oz. gloves for sparring.

18 oz. gloves are heavy gloves used for heavily bodied men for sparring.

So in short, from the above types, 12 oz. gloves are most likely used by many experienced boxers as their weight is very well balanced. It is also a better option if you are starting out.

If you are heavy or you want shoulder endurance for you, then a 16 OZ glove is the best option.

Sometimes you may need sparring with 16 OZ gloves.

So if you are an experienced boxer, you must have a collection of gloves in your bag.

Just as a footballer or a cricketer needs the best shoes for running. If his shoes are uncomfortable and his size doesn’t fit him, he would not show his best performance. Similarly, if a boxer doesn’t have the best fitting and comfortable gloves, he will not be able to give the best result.

Glove size for women:

Glove size for women is somewhat different from those of men depending upon their weight and hand circumference. There is a chart below which can help to choose the right type of gloves for women:

Bodyweight of the


Glove size used for

Bag work

Glove size used for


Under 45 kg 6 oz. 12 oz. to 16 oz.
45 to 50 kg 8 oz. 16 oz.
50 to 60 kg 10 oz. 16 oz.
60 to 70 kg 12 oz. 16 oz.
Over 70 12 oz. 16 oz.

According to this chart, for any woman weighing less than 45 kg, 6 oz. the glove is suitable for bag work. She can choose any of 12 oz., 14 oz., or 16 oz. glove for sparring.

Women weighing 45 – 50 kg, should use 8 oz. gloves for bag work and 16 oz. glove for sparring. For women weighing 50 to 60 kg, 10 oz. the glove is suitable for bag work and16 oz. the glove is suitable for sparring. Similarly, any woman over the weight of 60 kg should prefer 12 oz. glove for bag work and16 oz. glove for sparring.

Material of the gloves

It is very important to choose the right type of material for boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves are available in three different types of materials. 1-Vinyl Boxing Gloves

2- Polyurethane Leather Boxing Gloves 3- Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves

Vinyl Boxing Gloves:

If you are a beginner and looking for a basic range of solid gloves to help you progress and fitness, then boxing gloves made up of vinyl, could be your choice.

Remember, these are just the basic types of gloves that are not suitable for regular training.

Polyurethane Leather Boxing Gloves:

Polyurethane leather is a material that looks like leather but In fact, it is not genuine leather. It resembles genuine leather in texture, shape, and smell. These boxing gloves are better in durability than

the vinyl boxing gloves but not as good as those made up of genuine leather.

Genuine Leather Gloves:

These boxing gloves are made up of real leather. These are actual gloves used and recommended by professionals. As compared to the previous two types, genuine leather gloves are rather expensive. These gloves give your hand a proper fit as they have the tendency to mold according to the shape of your hand.

Types of Boxing Gloves

When you move around and search for boxing gloves, you will feel all of them similar and looking alike but in actual fact, there is more variation in boxing gloves than you expect. Each type of glove has its own uses.

  • Training / Bag / All-rounder Boxing Gloves:

These are the most versatile boxing gloves used for all types of training.

Sometimes they are also known as “super Boxing gloves”.

  • Sparring Gloves:

They are similar to training gloves with the exception that they are slightly softer or more cushioned.

  • Amateur Gloves:

These are also known as competition gloves. These are designed in red and blue colors, given to fighters according to their corners. These are usually 18 oz. large-sized gloves, a bit larger than those normally given to the professionals.

4 – Professional Gloves:

These are used by professional boxers in professional competitions. They are smaller and more compact gloves due to the firmer padding inside. They are specially designed to deliver sharp blows.

5- Mexican style Boxing Gloves:

This is a sub-category of professional boxing gloves. These are Mexican-style sleeker-shaped gloves with tighter padding inside. They have longer cuffs with the ability to mold according to hands, giving them a super fit and compact look. Mostly they are made up of Goat leather.

6- Traditional Bag Gloves :

These are smaller gloves giving minimum protection. These are usually used as an alternative of real boxing gloves, lacking many of the

protecting features. Most gyms don’t allow them to be used for practice but are still sold in the market. Sometimes if you order a punching bag, you may get them free with it.

Shapes of Boxing Gloves:

  • Gloves with a flat top
  • Gloves with a round top

In flat top gloves, there is generally less padding in the corners. This may cause damage to your wrist during the punch.

In the round top gloves, the top of the gloves is equally padded from all sides. It gives the glove a more compact and even look. Due to this reason, the round top glove is a better and safer choice.

The closures of boxing gloves:

There are 2 types of closures in boxing gloves.

  • Laces
  • Velcro

Laced gloves have the same problem as we face in laced shoes; if we are unable to tie laces tightly, we may lose the grip. In boxing, we can’t afford to lose grip on the gloves because loose gloves can cause damage to our wrists. Due to this reason, these gloves are normally overlooked for training purposes.

In Velcro gloves, you don’t have such problems so these are smarter choices for you.

6-   The price of boxing gloves:

The prices of boxing gloves depending on the materials they are made from. In the market, you will come across a wide range of prices varying from £20 to £200. You should buy gloves with high durability no matter if it costs you a bit more. A cheaper glove with less durability may harm your knuckles and will prove a burden on your pocket.

The beginners can go for cheaper gloves at the start of their training but after some experience, they will need some durable gloves with better protection.

Genuine leather gloves are the most durable boxing gloves. These are the most expensive gloves. Don’t worry about its price. If you buy genuine leather gloves, you will get exactly what you pay for and every penny will be worth it.

Finally, after reading this article, hopefully, you will be able to get your hands on the best boxing gloves.

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