Best Kickboxing Gloves


Love kickboxing, and you only know the kicks are gonna be involved throughout? Well, and I am sorry that it is not going to be the case.

Kickboxing has the involvement of everything — from punches to legs to hunt for the scores.

But as we know the legs are pretty secured to absorb the pressure to some extent, whereas it is the opposite for the fingers, fist, and palms to bear the pain. As sensitive as they are, going into the kickboxing fight may end up leaving your hand all swollen, or the tearing of tissues and breaking the fingers can be a life-long disaster (for many.)

Best Kickboxing Gloves

To better protect your hands (at least) during the kickboxing fight, we bring the excellently-padded and the top-notch best kickboxing gloves that are surely gonna give you the peace of mind to outperform your opponent with the burst of punches.

And we urge you not to make a kickboxing glove become your favorite that easily by falling prey to the word of mouth uttered by the seller but try to reach a conclusion which kickboxing glove should fit into your hands.

For that, the only way possible is to drag yourself into as many details as possible to literally fall in love with the product even though you have not seen it/tried it.

For that, we come up with the finest and honest to the truest review of the top 10 best kickboxing gloves that are well-padded, durable, and long-lasting with the combination of affordability to never cause strain on your wallet.

Let’s wait no more and allow us to begin with the finest and most honest review ever done on the kickboxing gloves to fight like a real pro and rock the arena!

Top 10 Best Kickboxing Gloves for Beginners and Pro in 2021
1.Sanabul EssentialEngineered leather

2.LiberLupusFaux leather and polyurethane

3.Sanabul Paw V.2Neoprene

4.Hawk BoxingCotton

5.LiberLupusFaux leather with EVA foam

6.Hawk BoxingPU leather

7.MeGaLuvFaux leather

8.Hawk BoxingSoft leather

9.Elite SportsFaux leather

10.Brace MasterFaux leather

1) Sanabul Essential — Best Gel Kickboxing Glove for Youth
Sanabul Essential

Particularly looking for the best gel kickboxing glove for youth to train and fight in the kickboxing arena, these lightweight 8 oz. gloves from Sanabul Essential should always amaze with how durable, soft, and result-oriented glove it got.

The choice of the many younger kickboxers shows how serious they are to excel in this career to become a pro kickboxer in the future.

Its soft build would never surprise you to question its durability because its soft outer is vehemently powerful to leave the punches marks on the opponent’s face (but we urge you to play slow and do not go rough on the opponent. :)…)

Reviewed and tested specifically by the on-ground pro boxers like UFC champion Michael Bisping, and Mike Lee along with the Team Sanabul that knows every bit of the kickboxing and plain boxing to take this pair to the extreme level for the quality assurance.

Wear to win the points and not feel the pain; its soft outer build ensures safety no matter how hard you use it through its engineered leather to last hundreds of rounds without tearing and wearing. Leave the impact on your opponent and that is all we know when it comes to the performance stated and observed after the continuous use of Sanabul Essential.

Now take even the deep punches by not twisting and breaking the wrist. So, play super safe and give the deep gashes to your opponent without worrying about the wrist anymore.

Test your power with this 8 oz. Sanabul Essential kickboxing glove and roam around the arena just like a super pro!

  • Best for grown-up kids
  • Made of premium-class leather.
  • Durable construction.
    • A bit pricey but ensures the top-notch performance.


2) LiberLupus — Best Training Glove for Kickboxing

The size (from Large to X-Large) with the kickboxing gloves generally represent the fitment on the person that weighs more than 150 lbs, just like the weight category often represents the player’s body weight to provide the equality to face the opponent that is same to his own weight.

And with LiberLupus, this all rough-black-colored kickboxing glove fits well into the hands of large to x-large persons proving to provide greater power to preferably win the match with the knockout.

No matter how hard you play, it is built with 0.8 mm synthetic faux leather with the combination of polyurethane ensures its longevity, going round and round without the fear of tear and wear.

We are damn sure there is no way possible to stop building up the sweat, and especially when you have the glove on. The inner side turns sweaty before you get to feel it but by the way of its construction, it would not absorb the wetness and hence it only takes a good wipe to clean it up even if there are sweat marks left on the glove.

If you are women and also a beginner, you are worried about the best boxing gloves for women and boxing gloves for beginner now you do not be worried about it. Visit the guides section in menu and you take answer of your question.

 The breathable palm thus ensures increased ventilation in order to keep the palm dry as much as possible, but it does not guarantee complete dryness at all.

 PU and the mixture of Eva Foam on the back of the glove make the punches burst with extreme impact and leaving no way to feel any pain. Just grapple or hold, you would not feel any pain on the fingers, and you would want to count every punch grabbing you closer to the win.

 Use wherever you want, whenever you feel good no matter it is kickboxing, plain boxing, martial arts, Muay Thai, and what more!

From top to bottom, this LiberLupus glove is the perfect fit for getting the professional training to become part of the professional arena knocking down the contenders!


  • Made with the combo of faux leather and EVA foam.
  • Breathable palm for greater ventilation.
  • Fits good on 150 lbs person.
  • Fingerless kickboxing glove.
  • Not recommended for the real fight.


3) Sanabul Paw V.2 — Best Affordable Kickboxing Glove
Sanabul Paw V.2

The design would definitely surprise you, and let your mind trick and think that the price just goes beyond your imagination, then you are literally wrong!

 Known as the real best affordable kickboxing glove, Sanabul Paw V.2 is a powerful pair that goes well on your wrist to do the perfect training! Whether it is the training session or facing the real opponent one-on-one.

Made with neoprene, that makes the ultimate lightweight glove ever existed in the world of kickboxing, but it has its flaw as well — the sweat does absorb into it as well as yield the severe odor if not washed properly.

 To get rid of the sweat marks and the odor, the only option we have is to wash it with the detergent but do not put it in the washing machine as it may accidentally tear its stitches. Go with the handwash and nothing else.

 Even though it attracts excessive sweat within, its breathable construction ensures the fast-drying soaking the wetness quicker than all.

For the ultimate grip, the printed silicone over palms gives you better control and the grip to leave some red marks on the face and the body of your opponent.

Versatile build, outstanding performance, beautiful color; these three would never disappoint you to steal the show. Be it the training or the good fight in the ring and count every punch as the point!

It takes no time to wrap it up around the hands without asking for others’ help. Just a hand here and there, and it goes well on your palms without much effort.

Been in the business for a long, Sanabul Paw V.2 is the epicenter of lightweight, affordable, and durable pair of gloves that is always ready to outperform many options available in the market.


  • Gel-infused foam.
  • Neoprene-made hence it makes it super lightweight.
  • Tested and approved by the real champions.
  • Extremely breathable.
  • Turns smelly a bit after use.
  • Cannot wash it.


4) Hawk Boxing — Best Cheap Quick Wrap for Kickboxing
Hawk Boxing

By the way, many of you would end up wondering how this quick wrap may get used for kickboxing while these go inside the gloves for the extra layer of padding? Thinking super wrong, we bet!

Think of the cotton (what it is made of), it makes it super lightweight that can brush off the opponent’s face and the body with the burst of punches. The more lightweight you feel, the faster you can rain off the punches all around.

No discrimination here, it works super well on the hands of men and women, and our picked kickboxing hand wraps react just like a powerful weapon equals to the glove.

That is not really a glove itself but do not underestimate its power and the effectiveness to always give you the unstoppable and mighty punches.

The breathable design makes it washable as well and the quick-dry feature where it takes a few minutes to turn all dried. So, wait no more to always figuring out how to wash and turn dry where a quick blow of wind turns it dry.

Wear it and tie it along the wrist for the secured setup, and the Velcro closure system keeps it tightened up well and not turning loose no matter how hard you play during the match/training.

Even though it falls under the super affordable price, the brand is still entitled to a good long 3-years warranty to replace it if it tears or breaks from anywhere. Though most of the users would not mind cashing the warranty claim, it is there for a good reason and shows the great gesture of the company towards its customer.


  • Extremely affordable in price.
  • Faster at wearing up.
  • All-purpose kickboxing glove.
  • Would not last for long due to its low price and cheap construction.


5) LiberLupus 10 oz. — Best Padded 10 oz. Kickboxing Glove
LiberLupus 10 oz

Traditional kickboxing is never played with bare hands. Those who try it the way we portrayed, do not take such a risk which can ultimately lead you towards the painful pain.

When playing with the real opponent, you cannot imagine how badly your hand could gash and where because that is not the bag that would retaliate.

Though, this LiberLupus is 10 oz. that fits best in all conditions — from training to real matches; its padded construction really helps to play safe no matter wherever you try punching the opponent without the fear of twisting the fingers (the first victim that takes on the pain.)

Made the outer with faux leather and stuffed with EVA foam, the combination delivers the outstanding padded layer to make the hard punches without feeling the impact. The real impact can actually be seen on the face of an opponent.

The interesting design with the natural curve of the human fist provides the increased power and the fitment that makes it look like a real pro kickboxing glove portraying how skillful a kickboxer you are.

How stuffed and fat it looks, its breathable mesh ensures the fresh air to pass out to make your hand feel somewhat dry and refrain you from itching and wanting to end the round in order to put off the glove.

All in all, this LiberLupus is 10 oz. gonna impress yourself as well as your opponent and the spectators trying to ask where you got it from. So, are you ready to answer the storm of such a question all the time? 🙂


  • Heavily padded.
  • Breathable mesh for greater comfort.
  • Wipeable.
  • A bit expensive.


6) Hawk Boxing — Best Kickboxing Glove for Kids
Hawk Boxing

The sports learned from the beginning are just correct. And the kid learning it by a pro means he is gonna exceed beyond the skillful kickboxer.

For kids, do not let them start low but try bringing all the professional gears in his/her reach to adapt to these sports professionally.

With Hawk Boxing making the ultimate kickboxing glove for the grown-up kids, and with the size of mere 6 oz. colored in dark black with the white stripe embossed with a gold-plated logo to show the real worth of professional-grade gloves worn on the small hands.

Fast train or face the other kids that have learned it well to show how skillful you are; this comes with all the safe and secured features especially protecting the wrist and knuckles through its extra-thick Supremo Shock Layer-padding and the PU leather on the outside along with the thickly-padded wrist joint to play the punches without the fear of getting hurt.

Embedded holes for the anti-perspiration keep your hand dry, so you do not opt to get off the glove almost all the time due to excessive itching ultimately disturbing the training.

Wanting to use it in any other sports, why not do so? It not only works for kickboxing, but you can get to train yourself for other boxing-alike sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, sparring, punching the bags, and breaking the mitts.

Not really that expensive but it comes with an exceptional warranty period of more than 5-years to replace it whenever you feel like spotting the tear and wear, or your kid feels it is quite heavy to wear; just ask for the replacement, and it would be done without a question asked.


  • Best for kids due to its lightweight construction.
  • Comes from a brand that everyone trusts.
  • Great built for medium-level sparring.
  • Good for beginners.
7) MeGaLuv — Best XX-Large Kickboxing Glove for Everyone

Kickboxing ain’t a skill, it is a passion that needs quick preparation to knock down the opponent in no time.

With that being said, you do not have to wear so many of the gears to protect your body because, with the continuous kickboxing, that has been used to cause sharp pain where you may not feel the pinches for so long.

But when fighting with bare hands, the hard gashes can actually break the opponent’s face, and the first part is the nose and eyes. For the opponent’s safety and yours, of course, MeGaLuv is the ultimate best xx-large kickboxing glove for men that fits on the men, women, and grown-up children just because of its excessive size.

A mixture of neoprene and faux leather makes it quite a weightless kickboxing fingerless glove to give you enough ventilation and power to punch with extreme impact.

And its hook and loop closure gets it ready to wear in mere seconds, so you do not need to waste the valuable time and the energy to become ready to face the opponent or the bag.

Unique design with the soft white color fits on any hands, be it the men, women, or the child without the gloomy thoughts flying around the color would look odd on anyone’s hand.

Just have it and forget about ever going underperformance because the flexibility, durability, and effectiveness are what the MeGaLuv kickboxing glove is going to bring to your fist, providing you the freedom to focus on putting up your best in the training and match!


  • Fingerless glove for the outstanding results.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Releases greater shock impacts.
  • Super affordable.
  • Not recommended to wash.
8) Hawk Boxing — Best 14 oz. Kickboxing Glove for Men and Women
Hawk Boxing Best

The shining, the pro-look, and good 14 oz. size with the glittering black is the outclass and exceptional kickboxing glove you can ever find under US$ 20.00!

 That is the budget range everyone can easily afford when it comes to pro kickboxing. And kickboxing can only be fought with pro gloves that protect you from severe pain, and save you from getting hurt.

 Increased padding with thick Supremo-Shock Foam around the knuckle and the wrist for the improved performance and protection that locks up using the Velcro straps helping to effectively fit on anyone’s hand despite the dynamic hand size.

 Ideal size for sparring, 14 oz. would always surprise you during the sparring and strike the heavier punches on the bag.

 Acceptable for men to absorb the pain, but the same would not be the case when it comes to women. But worry not because its extra-layered foam provides the good thick padding that eventually produces the higher impact without taking a feel of pain.

 Every side is fully padded, ensuring the level of comfortability and peace of mind to even play the hard punches with safety, so there does not break any tissues and ligaments from the opponent as well as yourself providing the balanced and fair kickboxing session/training.

Still, if there is anything wrong with the glove, be mindful to use the 1-year warranty claim and talk out the issues with the brand, and get your new pair of gloves with no question asked.

The soft leather with gel-injected and V-impacted foam is the core reason to like its design, and the set price can ultimately confuse you because this pair of gloves does look super expensive.


  • Best pair of kickboxing gloves under the affordable price tag.
  • Entitled to 5-years of replacement warranty.
  • Punched holes to release the bad odors.
  • Not that comfortable to wear for long.


9) Elite Sports — Best Gel Kickboxing Glove for Adults
Elite Sports

There is no age to learning anything — and the same applies to the sport.

Being grown enough, do not worry about learning the techniques which may involve your body contours to flex a bit.

 Out of this complication, still, you do not need to worry at all because the body would self-trained itself after continuous practice, but you should not miss the chance of not owning the right kind of kickboxing gears.

 And the first starts with the glove, the right kind of glove that would severely protect you at the time of training and facing the real opponent.

 Though many pro kickboxers would love to have the fingerless gloves as they are lightweight, the gel-based gloves are the choice of professionals which, if played with full force, can bring in more impact and the chances to win the match quicker than ever.

 It only requires one right shot on the opponent to score yourself a point as well as the emerging chance of knocking him out in the first round, what ya say?

 Because of the added protection, the heavy punches would bring in the lasting impact but would not hurt the opponent by breaking the body parts and leaving the marks of gashes, so play safe and fair all the time even though how fast you burst the punches on the person you are facing in the arena.

 For adults, the perfect 14 oz. is a good fit! The more it exceeds in size, the better you can control your grip and wave the glove trying to score points! 🙂


  • Curved anatomic hand design for the greater fit.
  • Provides the best comfort
  • Comes with a 3D cooling mesh.
  • Stitches may start to come off after a while.
10) Brace Master DG 2.0 — Best 6 oz. Kickboxing Glove for Kids
Brace Master DG 2.0

Enduring is a new belief! And when you do not experience wearing this exclusive kickboxing glove from Brace Master, you would hardly believe the claims stating it is extremely comfortable, durable to the best, and outperforming beyond your imagination.

Let your kids learn the art of kickboxing from this early age, it’s 6 oz. size is non-felt for the kids to wear trying to waive the rain of punches without feeling heavy and turning tired.

 The kids may lose interest this quickly if they find it somewhat heavy, and with Brace Master, that is not going to be a similar case. See you kid punching against the bag for long and liking the kickboxing even more by seeing them showing up in the arena.

 Outer build made of faux leather and stuffed the inside with infused foam gel guaranteeing the high impacts grabbing the kids near to the win.

 But do not expect Brace Master to become heavier because that infused foam gel looks filled but not heavy at mass that lets you experience enhanced comfortability and not the weight while absorbing the shock to a greater extent.

 The more you play, it may generate a lot of heat inside the palm area, but the breathable palm design keeps it cool and dry by ventilating the proper airflow and reducing the odor. The more perspiration locked inside the glove, it may turn the stitches loose and eventually break it after a few tries.

 Try not to exceed out of the recommended size class if your motive is to attain the precise accuracy because the overweight would destroy it all.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Stuffed with infused foam gel.
  • Made the outer with premium PU leather.
  • Velcro strap may turn non-sticky after some while.


Difference Between Kickboxing and Plain Boxing Gloves


The design. They both are really different from each other by the look and design.

 While the plain boxing gloves are stuffed with increased padding to keep your knuckle secured as well as bar the flurry of punches.

 While the kickboxing gloves take you to counter the burst of kicks with hands and deliver the punches back to the body and face wherever possible to score points.

The Accurate Buying Guide to Own the Best Kickboxing Gloves Outta the Market


There indeed are several important aspects you need to cater to even before purchasing your favorite and the best kickboxing gloves.

If you know the things well and have bought dozens of them already, we understand you are safe and know the bits of it as to which features to look for, and what fits your requirement.

What if you are a first-timer? Just do not go with the guesswork when you do not know anything about the kickboxing gloves at all.

Stick to this exclusive buying guide as to how to lock on the best kickboxing gloves for women that are really gonna bring a difference letting you fully understand everything about kickboxing.

Pro kickboxing requires you to adapt every single detail of this exclusive sport!

Size Matters

The size here does not represent how long it is, and the dimension of your hands to fit a kickboxing glove, but it rather represents its weight class according to the person’s overall weight.

  • 6 oz. = 45 kg or 100 lbs (best for the median-aged kid)
  • 8 oz. = 50 kg or up to 110 lbs (best kickboxing glove size class for kids aged around 12 to 16 years)
  • 10 oz. = 50 kg to up to 67 kg or 100 lbs to 150 lbs (best fits for the beginner kickboxers to punch down the bags for training purposes)
  • 12 oz. = 50 kg to 67 kg or 100 lbs to 150 lbs (best for light sparring)
  • 14 oz. = 65 kg to 79 kg or 151 lbs to 175 lbs (goes well for the real match and sparring)
  • 16 oz. = Fits good over 80 kg or 175 lbs (pro sparring)
Build Quality

After the ‘Size Matters’, the second vital aspect is to know what makes the kickboxing gloves.

Not all gloves are usually made with a single material, the more you can add in (money), the better and qualitative kickboxing glove you can pretty much own in your possession.

Premium faux leather is part of many finest kickboxing gloves if you are willing to pay some extra in form of money. Such leather-based gloves are durable, long-lasting, and padded with extra-thick gel-infused foam that is known to create more impact than ever.

But some go with neoprene material. They may look super lightweight but can lock up the odor and leave sweat marks that are kinda difficult to wash.

On the other hand, the leather-based gloves are wipe-friendly, hardly lock in the door, and washable to look new in no time.

Increased Protection

Do not get fascinated with the design but investigate every bit of it to ensure your kickboxing glove is super protected, comes with the greater wrist support system, and your knuckles to burst for impact and not to gain the pain and injury.

Planning to invest more time doing the bag work, opt for the glove that has enhanced reinforcement especially on the front of it not to turn your fingers red, and feeling pinches of sharp pain.


When you have your hands wrapped inside the kickboxing glove, the weather would hardly have an impact.

The only way possible is to have some sort of breathability making sure your hands feel the passage of airflow even though it is busier to target to knock down the opponent during the match or complete the training time punching the hanging bag.

With punched holes, the airflow directly goes to the palm and circulates all around the inner area for great impact.

And if it gets the widespread mesh on the palm, it delivers easier passage to the airflow for the quick-dry up.

Price Factor

Ultimately, that is the part you should not worry about at all.

The pricing here does determine the quality factor but still, the fancy look may severely lack one or two protection features.

Just evaluate your kickboxing glove at first then focus on the pricing if you do need something awesome for your kickboxing career.

Common FAQs for the Best Kickboxing Gloves

Some real and quick FAQs to better lock on the details of kickboxing gloves.

1- How long do kickboxing gloves last?

Anywhere between 1 and 3 years solely depending on the frequency of usage. If you are already an advanced kickboxer, do not expect the glove to last even a year because the glove is the primary gear that gets used more than any other thing.

2- Do I need 2 pairs of boxing gloves?

If your wallet permits, why should not you?

And that is a best practice to keep two pairs of gloves because you do not know when it may tear up and when you could find the need to start using the second pair.

For the safe haven, go with two pairs at least not to pause the kickboxing just because f the first pair gets to tear up.

3- What size boxing gloves should a 13-year-old get?

12 oz. because of its shape, weight, and size that fits comfortably on the hands of a 13-years old kid.

4- What are better hand wraps or gloves?

For pure training, hand wraps could be a better choice to get your hands used to the pain and impact. But do not repeat this mistake during the match. Put on the padded gloves to save yourself from injuring the hands or wrist.

5- How to take care of gloves?

  • Wipe the gloves with anti-bacterial liquid after every use.
  • Dry up the glove using the paper towel
  • Use hand wraps to absorb the excessive sweat
Final Words

Out of the countless reasons, kickboxing gloves are relatively important. That not only shows your professionalism towards this exclusive but lethal sport, it is even necessary for wrist and hand protection.

The harder punches you aim to play, it raises chances of hurting and injuring the hand.

So, never put the idea on the backdrop not to own a kickboxing glove for the sake of training, or pick the cheap pair for the matches.

Our hand-picked top 10 best kickboxing gloves are performance-rich, choice of the many reputable names along with the exclusive buying guide having even a novice purchasing his best kickboxing glove without any assistance.

Stay put, and we are sure to see you turning up like a pro kickboxer soon!!

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