Best Boxing Gloves For Training 2022 – Reviews For Beginners


Boxing requires training just like every other sport out there. If you are looking for some best boxing gloves for training in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We have carefully reviewed each of the products listed below. You can choose the one that you feel is suitable for you.

Best Boxing Gloves For Training

1.Cleto Reyes HookEngineered leather

2.Title Gel World BagFaux leather and polyurethane

3.Venum ContenderNeoprene

4.Everlast Pro StyleCotton

5.Ringside Apex FlashFaux leather with EVA foam

6.Fairtex Muay ThaiPU leather

7.Winning TrainingFaux leather

1- Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Are you looking for gloves that can handle the strongest of punches? Do you want to take your opponent by surprise, if so; you’ve come to the right brand! The thumb and Finger area is well protected, luckily.

The well-designed support system prevents bad postures, which could lead to sprains or even bone-breaking! Taking a look at the exterior, moisture cannot damage its padding. There is nylon on the exterior, due to which water cannot seep inside, thankfully not ruining the gloves.

When you would first wear them on, they feel really stiff. But not to worry, all gloves are stiff in the beginning. About the time period, they take around 5-6 months to break in, after which they will soften up, feeling superbly comfortable.

Durability is another factor that makes them perfect for you. Practically saying, these will last you 10+ years easily if you carefully use them. The leather is pretty durable; don’t worry about it cracking, as it’s high quality. They fit 90% hand sizes, coming with both options of a Velcro strap or lace-up system.

Do you know that Cleto Reyes Training gloves are produced from genuine pure leather? Genuine leather is 10 times more durable than artificial leather; it also has a premium and expensive feel to it. The color scheme includes yellow, red, black, pink, and blue. As most people don’t want a glove that seems bulky, these gloves are thinner from the punching area.

  • Good protection
  • Real leather.
  • Durable .
  • Versatile color options.
    • Long break-in period.
2- Title Gel World Bag Gloves
Title Gel World

The padding in this glove is exceptionally durable. It can last up to many years of continuous use. You will find several layers of foam padding inside this glove. Moreover, it absorbs impact really well and is excellent at even the distribution of shock.

Your hands and fingers would not feel much of an impact when wearing these gloves. We asked a few boxers, and none of them had complaints about the amount of padding in this glove. A lining is also present in this glove, given with gel.

The multi-layer foam offers superior protection and premium shock distribution. The gel liner we mentioned before does a great job at keeping hands cool and dry. You avoid developing blisters and redness if the glove you buy has a gel liner.

Nowadays, the market is booming with gloves produced from artificial leather. If you take a look at this pair, however, it is made up of pure genuine leather. The durability of pure leather is unmatchable. Everything used in this glove is high quality, starting from the gel liner and ending with the outer material.

These gloves provide good breathability as well. Although there are no ventilation holes, the aforementioned gel liner serves you just right! Boxers don’t have any complaints regarding this frankly. We believe in minor details. Something as little as perfect stitching is also very important in any glove. This pair has perfect stitching, having a great overall build quality.

If you are looking for some bright gloves, the Title Gel bag gloves would be perfect for you. They come in bright and vibrant colors including green and blue. Also, you won’t see any color fading after excessive use.

They have a Velcro strap, unlike those laces so you don’t have to go through the trouble of tying and untying them. However, this pair is a little heavier than other gloves, which isn’t a disadvantage though. An inner bar is also built for better grip.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent impact protection.
  • Keep hands cool.
    • A bit pricey.
3-Venum Contender Training Gloves

We don’t forget beginners in any of our reviews! Are you a beginner that has no knowledge of gloves? If so, then this pair is a good option to consider. If you are looking for some casual entry-level boxing, pick this one. It has lesser padding compared with others.

Triple density foam has been used in the padding. It has an even distribution. You would be fine as long as you don’t do extra hard-hitting with this pair.

For protection, the padding does a pretty decent job if you ask us. However, it does not have as much padding as you can find in other pairs. Your wrist is also well protected due to its closure system.

If you want a cheaper glove with synthetic leather, you have this pair to pick! It’s not made of genuine leather, which means it’s a perfect choice for beginners to start their boxing careers. The material is quite sturdy, and it is not stiff at all. Overall, it has an above-average quality.

For the price it comes for, we have found the quality to be equal, if not above. You have excellent quality synthetic leather used in this glove. After all, Venum is a famous brand, it cannot ever compromise on built quality. Especially its stitching is strong and clean.

Let’s take a look at our pair’s closure system for now. A hook and Loop system comes within this glove. This means that you don’t have to worry about them being undone while training. They are secured with a strong piece of Velcro. You don’t have to worry about tying them and untying them continuously.

They fit snugly onto most hands as well. The break-in period is longer than most ones, but it’s worth the wait.

  • Snug Fit
  • Multi-density foam.
  • Famous brand.
  • Cheaper.
    • Long break-in period.
4-Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Dual-layer padding is found in this glove. If you are concerned about the break-in period, it does take a long to time for it to break down. It is pretty stiff in the beginning. However, if you are a heavy hitter who plans on training regularly, we suggest you look for something more durable and long-lasting.

After these gloves completely break in, they do offer decent protection for hands and wrists. On the other hand, we do agree with people when this pair lacks decent wrist protection. The padding in the wrist area is insufficient for protection. These are not made for heavy boxing combinations

We examined the outer shell; it is made out of synthetic leather. Mesh has been used in the palm area. Gloves that have mesh in this area are good in terms of breathability. Your hands would not get dry or red.

Now, this pair isn’t the best pair out there when it comes to quality. This isn’t the worst pair either. These gloves won’t last you many years though, keep that in mind. The padding will break down completely in two years or more, so you will have to buy a new pair. For the price tag, these are justified.

Luckily, you are given the option to choose between Velcro and a lace-up closure system. After all, people have their own preferences. The old lace-up system can be time-consuming, but it offers a tighter fit.  The Velcro one is preferred by most boxers n.

  • Affordable
  • Mesh in palm area.
  • Breathable.
  • Good for beginners.
    • Bad wrist protection.
5-Ringside Apex Flash Training Gloves

Never overlook the padding in any boxing glove. The Ringside Apex Flash uses a Injected Molded foam technology. This technology uses multiple layers of foam to offer maximum padding and protection. Your hands stay in a natural position due to curves in this foam.

Keep in mind that the padding is gel, so it may seem stiff in the start, but it will loosen up after use. After wearing these, you would notice that your thumb is also well covered. Overall, we are happy with the amount of protection and padding it offers.

Starting with the exterior, our pair is made up of synthetic leather. Examining the quality, we found it to be sturdy and well built. Another contributing factor is that synthetic leather is much easier to clean and maintain than pure leather. Ringside does not compromise on quality.

Comparing it with other options, we found that these are not the best deal available. But that doesn’t mean that they are made up of cheap material. They will not last you as many years as some other gloves can, but they are a decent choice. They are suitable for you if you want something not expensive.

Breathability is a deciding factor whenever analyzing the build. A mesh palm in this glove allows air circulation therefore, keeping your hands sweat free and comfortable. Also, they have used some kind of lining which helps prevent bacteria.

On the other hand, some buyers complained of these being a bit small for an average hand. If you are someone with small hands, these can be a perfect choice for you. They have a tight and snug fit

  • Affordable
  • Breathability.
  • Gel Padding.
    • Small size.
6-Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Gloves

Fairtex BGV1

Contrasted with other gloves, it has lesser cushioning, particularly in the knuckle region. On the negative side, you will not have sufficient material to toss substantial blows.

When obstructing blows, it would function admirably. Wrist support is pretty much average. The Velcro strap has great adaptability that keeps your wrist in ideal position.

Make sure to not exaggerate your punches, as it doesn’t carry brilliant wrist support. Thinking about their hardness, these best boxing gloves can undoubtedly harm your enemy whenever utilized efficiently.

We don’t address Fairtex with regards to quality. In case you are anticipating purchasing a Fairtex glove, close your eyes and trust them, you will not be frustrated. Additionally, the glove will not tear anytime soon, regardless of whether you use it for proficient matches or light training.

Made with calfskin, these gloves are handcrafted. What we love is the top notch sewing; it doesn’t stick out from any place, while 90% of gloves have inferior quality sewing. The material is very thick, without compromise. These gloves accompany a Velcro strap system.

These gloves aren’t the most comfortable ones accessible; however, these do have a respectable degree of softness. Fairtex has utilized a hard material inside these, causing the wearer’s hand to feel hefty and sort of encased.

Nonetheless, you get a quite close fit that assumes a pivotal part in the vibe of any glove. A grip bar is absent, diminishing grip somewhat.

To our disappointment, breathability is a negative factor in these gloves. There are no openings for supporting ventilation. You would perspire more with these than you would do with a normal glove

  • Real leather
  • Good quality.
    • No grip bar.
7-Winning Training Boxing Gloves

Winning Training Boxing Gloves

Padding is the most important factor in a boxing training glove. When it comes to safety, even minor issues could lead to big problems, such as damage to fingers, or your hand. Coming to this pair, we are more than happy with the amount of padding it offers. Doesn’t matter how much heavy-hitting you do, the Winning takes it all proudly!

Your wrists are also well protected. A lacing system covers your wrist with enough cushioning to withstand blows, plus it allows proper wrist movement too. Wrist movement is limited for your safety gladly.

Do you love handcrafted products? Do you love products that are produced with extreme care! If so, then this pair is a suitable option for you. The Winning Training gloves have been produced from leather, making them durable and sturdy.

Many other brands offer their gloves in the price bracket you get the winning for. So what’s the difference between other brands and Winning? Winning has superior quality and hard build.

You do know that padding plays a big role in the comfort of any glove, right! You feel as if you are wearing any normal pair of thick gloves, that’s the level of comfort they offer. A soft nylon lining adds further strength to their comfort level.

To your and our disappointment, what lacks in this otherwise perfect pair is breathability. We didn’t found any ventilation holes, and nor is the palm area made of mesh. However, these gloves are almost perfect in other regards.

  • Extra Padding
  • Short break-in periods.
  • Durable .
    • A little expensive.
Best Boxing Gloves For Training Buying Guide


Boxing requires a sturdy glove, that doesn’t easily break upon impact. If you end up buying a cheap glove, you may find it torn in half right after your first few matches. We suggest you don’t go for a glove made by brands that are not well-known.

A glove produced from genuine leather will last you many years. This doesn’t mean that artificial leather isn’t sturdy enough to keep hitting on for a few years though. But if you are an aggressive boxer, genuine leather would be best suitable for you.


Nobody wants their hands paining or their fingers broken. This is where padding comes useful. When your hands hit any surface, it is subjected to a lot of force, which causes shock and possible damage too. To reduce and spread these shocks evenly, padding plays its role.

A decent amount of good quality padding would prevent your fingers from getting hurt or broken. Always buy a glove that has a good amount of padding inside.

Closure System

Look here; there is 2 kinds of closure systems. Looking at the first, you have a Velcro strap one. This one is comfortable, simple, and fast. You simply have to close the glove tightly around your wrist.

The second one is the traditional lace-up system. Before and after each match, you have to tie and untie your gloves. This is stronger, but it requires patience and hassle. At the end, it is your choice which system you personally prefer. We favor the Velcro one, just to be clear.


Have you ever faced the issue when you wear a glove, but your hands start getting all sweaty and red! We bet you have! That’s why breathability is a deciding factor before purchasing a glove. Gloves that do not have ventilation holes, or gel liner usually end up making blisters on your skin and being uncomfortable.


When do I need to replace my training gloves?

It depends on how hard you are using the glove. If you use it 5-7 days a week, they will last you about a year and a half. If you do boxing casually, they can last up to 2-3 years easily. Use them carefully to extend their life.

How often should I train?

Boxing is a sport that’s requires patience and determinacy. You should train for long hours every day if you want to improve. After all, blood and sweat is all you need to lose to improve.

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We hope that you have a clear guideline on how to choose a training glove after reading our detailed review and guide. All products mentioned above have been carefully tested and reviewed. If you still haven’t reached a conclusion yet, reread our review to choose a glove that meets your needs.

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