Best Boxing Gloves For Small Hands – Ultimate Guide & Reviews


You are just a kid, how come you can do boxing?

You are just so slim, it is not a good time to join boxing, and wait for some time and focus on gaining some weight first?

Are these some common refusal questions you waive to anyone or have been heard by anyone?
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There is no prime age to join anything. What seems better is to join any sports at an earlier age, nor should the folks with the thin bodies ever be stopped from picking boxing.

Best Boxing Gloves For Small Hands

Yes, the common misconception is how come they would find the suitable boxing gears for those little hands’ lads and gals?

No worries. We got ‘em! The first problem that they often have to face is the good fitting size of boxing gloves straight from the market.

The small hands do give a hunch of creating something custom to wear. But that is not the case. If you have landed here and read this, no worries. And, we repeat ‘no worries at all.’ — We got you the finest available and the best boxing gloves for small hands to do wonders in the ring.

Just puzzle the next contender with your body style. This small-looking object can lead them to underestimate you.

So, be ready to squeeze the hell outta ‘em!

1- Sanabul Essential — Best 8 oz Boxing Glove for Small Hands
Sanabul Essential

It sounds odd when you are deliberately looking for the boxing glove that fits a small hand.

If you hit the market asking for it, you might not be treated this fair because the shop owners may mock you.

Colored AllBlack and shining from all around, this level of color is not as common to see. And the outer made with the faux leather, the up-level from the real leather treated with the polished skin not to attract the water drops. It is just like you spill the water, and it would slip away without needing to wipe it.

You have a question about how durable this boxing glove from Sanabul Essential is; this has been tested by the pros namely Micheal Bisping, the UFC champion, Mike Lee, and the Sanabul’s exclusive athletes looking for something best in the market.

Have it and see it lasting hundreds of rounds without wearing and tearing.

Be it your little hands, this 8 oz fits well on the hands, and the hook and loop closure system ensures it does not slip anyway without wanting to adjust it.

And the mesh palms seem to be a nice option to keep your hands dry. In case of fighting in a humid area, you would feel comfortable punching the contender and no itching.

  • Gel-infused from the inside
  • Protective to wrist.
  • Fits through the arch design.
    • Avoid hard-hitting the contender/bag.
2- Ringside Apex — Best Bag Training Boxing Glove for Small Hands
Ringside Apex
Made exclusively for Small to Medium-sized hands, Ringside Apex feels cheap in quality (by the look), but it would not be dragging you to go under power.

The cheap look is actually to trick your mind — made with faux leather which may sound and resemble the cheap build due to its shiny surface.

Red over black and the logo beautifully embossed in the heart throbbed giving the stuffy look even on the small hands.

And that stuffy look seems added with the layers of padding from injected-molded foam that provides greater protection and the durability that hardly slips off thanks to the non-slip wrist support through the wrap-around closure system.

Mesh palm and the thumb area increase the ventilation helping to keep the hands dry whether the water spills over it or the sweat giving you optimal comfort.

With all of that closure system and the fitting measures, there is still one praise-worthy feature of this Ringside Apex having the exclusive grip bar which turns the fist enough tighter reducing the hand fatigue to last rounds after rounds unless you do not win the match.

  • Stylish build
  • Made with faux leather.
  • Best for bag training.
    • A little expensive.
3- Trideer Pro — Best Comfortable Boxing Glove for Smaller Hands

Never underestimate the worth of a super padded boxing glove. The more it has, it ensures you stay protected and off from any injuries.

With size 10, it never lets you feel any loose because of its relatively smaller size.

Built that is known for long-lasting performance, the faux leather increases its lifetime where you would not find the need of buying the new pair in a decade or two.

This goes well in training making sure it goes usable for quite a long time, but in sparring you know the circumstances might differ greatly.

And the small hands are relatively smaller to adjust, but thanks to the pre-curved design, it never feels any loose. Just that you need to tighten up the wrap-around wrist strap through a hook and loop closure system. Fight all day long without slipping and needing to re-adjust the glove every often.

This got the comfortable build using the breathable mesh that turns your hand super dry and cool during the fight. And whenever you feel like cleaning it, it is just wet wiping away for the instant cleanup but not advised to put inside the washing machine as it may destroy the build.

  • Pro-grade boxing glove
  • Super padded.
  • Easy to clean.
    • Smells like rubber.
4- Venum Elite — Best Leather Boxing Gloves for Small Hands
Venum Elite
Another in the queue, this got no real contender — Venum Elite is the ultimate best leather boxing gloves for smaller hands available out of the market that goes on to fight with real charm.

The charm that you can hardly bear. This boxing glove gives you wings to knock the hell out of the real contender, and the bag, of course!

Pretty much a good fit on the smaller hands, this 8 oz size is extremely lightweight and fits around without much of an effort.

Out of all these notable features, this goes on with a relatively higher price which is, of course, justifiable just because of the quality material, brand name, and all. So, that is pretty okay to have this much of a price range after all that is from Venum!

Secured fit, easy to put on and remove, its hook and loop closure system make sure it does not slip and fits around on the smaller hands without needing to re-adjust.

Be it the premium leather outer, the inside is relatively comfortable thanks to the usage of triple density foam that avoids getting an injury while giving the best jabs in return!

All in all, that is the best pair of boxing gloves you can ever have! 🙂

  • Built for the pro boxers
  • Supportive.
  • Elastic-based closure system.
    • High in price.
5- Liberlupus — Best Boxing Glove for Kids

Who can have such a smaller hand other than the kids? And such an incredibly smaller-sized boxing glove for kids is nonetheless a blessing.

The size 8 oz that goes well for a kid aged between 10 and 15 years, the boxing glove would not look any odd on such small-sized hands but do not opt for the overly smaller sizes (available in 4 oz and 6 oz) as that would look terrible and minuscule which may cause the serious injuries if used aggressively.

And the same goes if your kid is too small to hold this 8 oz boxing glove. Make sure your kid is not only 10 to 15 years old, but his body weight is between 71 and 100 lbs to evenly manage the own weight of this boxing glove.

We also advise: Just do not let your kid face another kid for the sake of fun. The kids do not know much about safety and could lead to severe situations leaving them injured, and twisting the muscles that are still in the development phase.

Better is to face the training bag and observe the excitement level! 🙂

  • Best for kids
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Breathable to the max.
    • Not suitable for one-to-one fight.
6- Hawk Boxing — Best 10 oz Boxing Glove for Competition
Best Heavier Boxing Glove
It is commonly a misconception that boxing is a sport only for the big and overweight lads.

Though it is somewhat right to some extent but not entirely true.

Even the thin-bodied person can join boxing through the training phase and there are classes available when it comes to entering into the ring to fight professionally.

It is not like you got to face an established pro boxer on day one. The body weight decides the opponent would be around the same body weight as yours to keep the fight balanced and fair.

As stressed earlier, anyone can join boxing without discrimination, but that is no less than a challenge to find a vital piece of equipment to match the relatively smaller hands.

For them, we make the hunt real simple. Just that we do not want you to stroll through the market inquiring about which boxing glove goes on your small hand without sounding odd.

Unsuccessful shopping is total stress, and we know that.

So, this special glove from the reputed brand of Hawk Boxing fits well on your small hand given the size of 10 oz.

Made with pure leather, you just can expect its high-grade performance to last for years to come. Ready to face the competition, this would not leave you in an embarrassing moment at all.

  • Highly affordable
  • Leather-made.
  • Best for sparring.
    • Not as supportive wrist.
7- Elite Sports — Best Soft Padded Boxing Glove

Unimpressed by the look? Yeah, we can understand that.

But why hate it just by looking at its design? That is totally unfair.

If you aim for the super comfortable boxing glove, this one from Elite Sports has no match. Rated as the best soft padded boxing glove, the level of comfort is usually inexperienced especially by the new boxers.

The outer look may trick you for sure due to the shining and all the glittering but do not expect the underrated build quality. The outer is actually built with faux leather and that causes all this glittering around it.

Not only do you get this super comfortable and softly padded boxing glove, but it also includes the complimentary hand wraps along with the mesh bag for your added safety and making the transportation convenient. It is not like you just have to keep it in your hands wherever you go which definitely looks odd.

And its hook and loop closure makes the on and off process quite easier. Whether it is your first day, you would sound like you have been wearing it for years with the way you put it on and off.

So, never feel an impact on your hands but bash the opponent with the utmost impact your fist is able to produce with Elite Sports! 🙂

  • Goes well with the kids
  • Includes the complimentary hand wraps as well as a mesh bag for transportation.
  • Use for training and sparring.
    • Thin material to some extent.
8- Hawk Sports — Best 4 oz Boxing Glove for Small Kids

This sport is not kids-friendly, that is it!

Have you ever said this to your minor kid convincing him to drop the idea of joining boxing?

We understand. There is this misconception that we hurl towards the kids to stop them from picking the boxes.

Believe us, there is nothing to worry about if your kid is interested in picking boxing. Not that you need to trim down the overly heavier boxing glove to fit.

Well, that is not happening, and at least not with Hawk Sports that shoots its finest collection as the best 4 oz boxing glove for small kids.

And not only is its smaller build, but it also contains all the regular features the oversized pro-rated boxing gloves do. Starting with faux leather, we know how durable it is and protecting it from all the corners as we know how the kids can treat such a piece of equipment.

The kids are not gonna listen to us, and that is a reality no one can overturn.

Spar, train, and what more — this Hawk Sports kid-friendly boxing glove is always ready to outperform even the pair of gloves available in the market just for the kids.

  • Best boxing glove for real young kids
  • Reliable build.
  • Provides good support to knuckle and wrist.
    • Tiny shape, would not work for the grown-up kids.
9- RDX – Best 6 oz Boxing Glove for Smaller Hands

Be it a kid or a youngster with a relatively smaller hand; RDX is gonna wow ya out!

Leather build, dark black color, padded with increased foam, these three are the major contributing sources to bring you power with comfortability.

It is not just ordinary leather but extracted from Maya Hide ConvEX skin leather that makes the high-grade leather material that hardly decomposes, wears, and tears.

The more you try to bend, the better it would be without scratching and breaking.

And the ultimate padded material from Quadro-dome 3 provides the shock-suppression and keeps your hand super protective not to feel an impact while waiving the punches. The harder you punch, it is not gonna ruin the whole experience by pinching the pain.

Luckily, this much of the features are relatively hard to find even from any top-class boxing glove offering this smaller size.

As it comes with the Quick EZ hook-and-loop closure system, you can expect how swiftly you can take it on and off without spending so much time, and the level of adjustability which allows you to tighten up the close system according to the first dimension.

  • Known for its utmost comfort
  • Secure closure system.
  • Made with high-standard leather.
    • Somewhat high in price.
10- Defy — Best 8 oz Boxing Glove for Sparring

Last but not the least, Defy, the ultimately best 8 oz boxing glove for sparring is just right here, and it falls under our last pick for the best boxing gloves for small hands.

With an 8 oz size, you can definitely examine this fits well with younger hands that have not grown up due to age factor, and some boxers are thin enough who cannot withhold the excessive burden on their hands.

Made with faux leather, the premium leather class ensures its durability and longevity to last for years.

It is not just the outer that you need to be concerned about. The inner side of the boxing glove is as important and needs the increased stuffing of the high-density foam that saves you from any possible injuries.

If you have not been trained for boxing, these injuries may lead you to severe consequences.

And the fine mesh system around the glove ensures it leaks out the heat and the precipitation to feel light and dry to outperform your contender dealing hard with the sweat.

Frankly speaking, this is the bargain against the price tag if you do care about wearing the top-quality boxing glove on small hands.

  • Highly affordable
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Fight or train, that is up to you!.
    • Non-washable with washing machine.
The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Boxing Gloves for Small Hands

There is nothing that goes unnoticed without a proper buying guide.

Especially those who know only a bit of information/knowledge about the specific products, these buying guides seem a better eye-opener to pick one of the best out of the market, themselves.

Size got important!

Unlike any boxing category, the boxing gloves for the smaller hands need to be lower in the size.

And we are expecting something between 4 oz to 10 oz because they seem to be quite fitting sizes that go well with small hands.

Inner and outer!

This may lag behind when you aim to purchase a boxing glove.

The outer should be commonly made with leather or faux leather.

And the inner should have enough density of foam used for the softer and good shock-absorption.

These two are enough to represent prolonging the life of the boxing glove and bring comfort to your fight.


That is it — We have sniffed out some of the best boxing gloves small hands.

They are not only comfortable but sit well on the smaller hands without a problem.

Though you should be able to differentiate the age, and the weight class of the boxer to ensure you do not own something smaller or higher than the correct size of the hands.

So, let’s not sit back and get these small hands-friendly boxing gloves to show your power! 🙂

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